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Facial Cleaner (Facial Cleaning Set)

Facial Cleaner (Facial Cleaning Set)

Streamline design. 2 Vibration speed settings:Micro-vibration setting can clean and give skin comfortable and relaxed feeling. High frequency vibration delivers quick cleansing. Comes with 2 different detachable cleansing heads: Cleansing brush head meets daily cleaning requirements, Silicone head is suitable for combination and oily skin, deeply cleans cutin, removes facial grease. With one storage box, convinent to place and to air dry. IPX 4, easy to clean. Powered with 2X AA batteries (Batteries not included).
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Item code 0500022721
Barcode 0500022721
Specification 12.3*7.5*6cm/147g
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1.Before using this product, read all instructions carefully. 2.This device is not a toy and is not intended for children. 3.Keep out of reach of children. 4.This device is inteded for household use only. 5.Do not use excessive pressure and do not treat one area for too long. 6.Do not use on red, blistered skin or warts. 7.Do not submerge the entire unit in water or other liquids. 8. Avoid direct contact with eyes and hairline/hair. 9. If you have sensitive skin, please consult a medical specialist regarding use of the product beforehand. 10.Use the product only for its intended purpose. Improper use may lead to hazards. 11.Remove the batteries if the device is left unused for an extended period of time.
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