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Double Layer Sports Bottle 750ml (Blue)

Double Layer Sports Bottle 750ml (Blue)

Food Grade Stainless Steel and PP
SKU 60128
Item code 0100041925
Barcode 0100041925
PP Lid, 304 Stainless Steel Body, Silicone Rubber Sealing Ring
Specification 8*27.8cm/350g

* Price does not apply to some stores

1. Before use wash it with neutral detergent and warm water. 2. After filling with beverage, tighten lid clockwise to avoid leakage.

Food grade container. Please do not fill the bottle with dry ice or carbonated drinks that are easy to cause high pressure. Do not fill with strong acid or alkali liquid to prevent the interior of the product being corroded. Do not keep dairy products or infant food in it for a long time. Do not heat it in microwave oven or with other heating equipment. Do not wash in dishwasher.
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