Portable Plane Wireless Speaker [K02](Orange)

SKU 55423
Item code 0500020311
Barcode 0500020311
Silicone Housing
Specification 7.6*6.3*6.2cm/139g
1. Adorable animated design.
2. BT 4.0 + EDR RDA.
3. Soft silicone housing.
4.3W loudspeaker drive unit outputs perfect sound effect.
5. Built-in HD micro-phone.
6.USB rechargeable with built-in battery rated at 400mAh.
7. Runtime up to 4 hours.
10.With TF card slot. Can play music in TF card.

Product Detail


BT connectivity

1. Recharge the speaker only with the included charging cord to avoid damaging the product.
4. This product contains magnet, consult a doctor if you have any metal implant.

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