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Simple Glass Thermos - Purple

Simple Glass Thermos - Purple

SKU 50327
Item code 0100035081
Barcode 0100035081
Lid/Body: PP; Sealing Ring: Silicone; Thermos Liner: Glass Liner
Specification Body:10.5cm*30cm; Volume: 1000ml

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1.Please rinse it with hot water or water with a little soda powder to remove stains before first-time use. Please do not wash liner with hard objects to avoid damage. 2.Please assemble the stopper and sealing ring after wash. To keep heat preservation and sealing effect, please make sure the bottle is closed tightly.

1.Please handle with care. Avoid damage to bottle and liner caused by dropping or crash.
2.Keep away from fire or high temperature to avoid deformation and fire disaster.
3.If you want to pour in ice water, please lean the bottle and let ice cubes slip into the bottle to avoid damage to glass liner and keep heat preservation effect.
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