MINISO AU We Bare Bears Collection 5.0 Summer Vacation Series Ice Bear Plush Toy 30cm

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Specification · Size: 30cm in height.

Product Detail

Product Size: 30cm in height.

Product Feature:
This is the We Bare Bear Fans Must-have item.
The We Bare Bears Collection Summer Vacation Series Ice Bear Plush Toyselects high quality short plush, filled with soft pp cotton, soft hand feel, skin-friendly material, better skin touch feeling also make the pillow way soft and comfortable. It is very suitable for use as a decoration in your home to increase the warm feeling. It is a perfect gift for birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions and festivals.

1. 100% polyester.
2. As a plush toy to accompany your child to play together, children of all ages will love this plush toy for play as a cute pillow for reading, watching television, studying, and sleepy nap time.
3. With comfortable unique design, it is a perfect partner for nap.

1. Do not wash the product.
2. Do not machine wash the product.
3. It is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth and dry naturally.

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