Facial Cloth

Facial Cloth

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· Disposable cleansing tissue, 30 sheets
· Pure cotton, no fluorescent contained
· Soft and skin-friendly, lint-free
· Dry and wet dual use in daily life
· Size: 17cm(L)*8.4cm(W)*4cm(H)
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100% COTTON MATERIAL - Disposable face towel is made of high quality natural pure cotton, processed with strict manufacturing techniques, doesn't contain chemical components such as fluorescent agent, harmless and fragrance-free, ideal for office and travel.

CLEAN & SANITARY - Face towels are easy to breed bacteria in bathroom. Cotton tissue can instead of face towel and will be much cleaner to dry your face after washing, prevent allergies and reduce skin friction damage .

DRY & WET DUAL USE - Use as dry wipes to clean hands, face, runny nose, electronic products, etc. Add liquid to become wet wipe, ideal for makeup removal, house cleaning, etc.

WIDE APPLICATION - The cotton tissue can also be used for personal care/baby care/women makeup removing/house cleaning/office cleaning/outdoor use. But remember don’t flush the tissue, dispose of used tissues in trash.

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