Sesame Street-10 Inch Pluch Toy(Big Bird)

Sesame Street-10 Inch Pluch Toy(Big Bird)

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· Big Bird plush from Sesame Street
· Soft and lovable figure
· Sized right for kids to hug
· Great Gift to please Sesame Street fans
· Size: 25cm/10inches
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SESAME STREET FIGURE - Cuddle up to fun with a Sesame Street favorite! This Big Bird take-along pal is sized right for preschoolers to take on the go. Kids can begin to create their own storytelling adventures from Sesame Street with their Big Bird friend.

SUPER SOFT & GREAT SUPPORT - Made of 100% polyester fiber, the Big Bird Pillow Pal provides great support for any child. This plush stuffed pillow is comfortable to cuddle with whether in the car, school, or in your home.

GREAT FOR ALL AGES - Your child will quickly accept this Big Bird Pillow as a member of the family and earn a spot in the bed. Great for playtime, naptime, or bedtime, this toy will make the perfect gift for your loved one.

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