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MOOMIN Transparent Hook 4 Pack

MOOMIN Transparent Hook 4 Pack

Applicable Temperature:
-20°C — 120°C.
SKU 141315
Item code 0100034181
Barcode 0100034181
Back Sticker: Transparent PET+Traceless Glue Hook: PS
Specification Diameter: 6.5cm

* Price does not apply to some stores

1.Please clean the wall before use. 2.Peel off the back protective film and keep the film. 3.Press hook against the wall for 10s to exhaust the air.

1. Don't hang overloaded objects.2.Don't stick it on rugged surface.3.Don't hang fragile and precious objects.Avoid accidents and danger caused by misuse. 4.Don't use it on soil wall, mortared wall,wallpaper,wall cloth and water-based paint coating. 5.Keep away from heat and fire.
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