We Bare Bears- Standing Plush Toy with Hat (Panda)

We Bare Bears- Standing Plush Toy with Hat (Panda)

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· Very fluffy and fit you perfectly
· Firm sewing, not easy to open the line
· Comfortable to touch and grab
· Used as a soothing toy for your kids
· Size: 25cm/9.8inches
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WE BARE BEARS CARTOON CHARACTER - The amazing cute world of We Bare Bears has now joined force with MINISO to bring you MINISO & We Bare Bears plush toy for bringing this adorable figure to your life!

ULTRA SOFT MATERIAL - This super special plush panda bear is so adorable with its naive look and little hat. Covered by premium polyester fibre, it feel so soft and velvet. So perfect to touch, hug and cuddle!

WONDERFUL GIFT - Non-toxic and skin-friendly material makes it also a perfect toy for your kids, girlfriend/boyfriend, parents and anyone you want to deeply care about.

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