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High quality Bra Laundry Air Mesh Washing Bag

High quality Bra Laundry Air Mesh Washing Bag

This laundry bag can protect the clothes from twisting and damaging while washing together with other clothes.
The air mesh lingerie laundry bag not only prevents the clothes from changing shape during washing, but also helps to clean completely.
SKU 12382
Item code 0100028911
Barcode 0100028911
Specification 18*12;35g

* Price does not apply to some stores

1.Open the zip to put in the clothes. 2. Close the zip. 3. Do not fill up full laundry with clothes.2/3 is enough.

Do not put or use wash bag near by fire.
Model applicable to automatic washing machine.
Do not use with dry cleaning logo items or high-grade fabric items, such as cashmere,Angora goats fluff etc .
Do not use with sharp metal items to protect laundry net from damaging.
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