Rotating Fan Model: UF-3T(Green)

Rotating Fan Model: UF-3T(Green)

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1.Creative and lovely design.2.Portable and practical.2.Apply brushless motor. High speed with less noise. Eco-friendly and durable.3. Powered by rechargeable 18650 lithium battery.4.Smart buttons to control. Easy to use.5.Unique PP blades produce strong wind.
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ABS Plastic, Electronic Components, Lithium Battery, PP Blades
Specification 11.8*4.9*14cm
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PORTABLE DESK FAN - Connect with your laptop or power bank for accessible fan anywhere. Perfect for use in home, car, office, desktop, camping or travel.

THREE WIND SPEED & ROTATION - Adjustable head with three speed settings, freely switch between strong wind and breeze, keep you cool from any angle.

SUPER QUIET - Designed with a brushless motor which is engineered to be ultra-quiet with high airflow. Better accompany your work or sleep without disturbing you.

USB RECHARGEABLE - Just plug it in to your computer, laptops, portable chargers to charge it. USB fan is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


1.Power Button: press once to start and it is at low speed. Press twice and it will switch to medium speed. Press three times and it will switch to high speed. Press again to turn off. 2.You can charge the fan with Micro USB cable. Red indicator light on when charging and it will turn green after being fully charging. 3.You can turn on the fan when the battery power doesn't run out.4.It will be at low speed when charging.5.It can be pushed upwards at 35�70�or downwards at 35�

1.The wind will be weak when it is low battery. If continue use, the fan will turn off automatically when the battery runs out. 2.Lithium battery has no memory effect, you can charge it anytime to preserve battery power, so as to prolong the service life of battery. 3.Do not contact with hair, fingers and face when the fan is working. 4.Children under 10 years old should use it under the instruction of adult. Do not touch the fan blades when it is working to avoid scratch.5.Please fully charge the battery and keep it in a dry and cool place after sealing it in a plastic bag when not in use for a long time.6.The battery can't work in an environment above 60℃ and it can't be extruded or disassembled, which might shorten the battery's service life or cause leakage or explosion.7.To keep using effect and service life, please only use accessories offered by our company.
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