Big Eye Flawless Liquid Eyeliner

Big Eye Flawless Liquid Eyeliner

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Water & sweat proof, fast drying, great shade of black, long lasting and constant dryness of tip.
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Item code 0200006021
Barcode 0200006021
Water. Carbon black.PPG-26- - butyl alcohol polyether -26. acrylic acid (ester) copolymer.
Specification Net Weight: 1.8g
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1)Lift your eyelids slightly, trace your lashline, draw from the inner corner of the eye to the end corner of the eye,

2) If the coloring is too light, you can enhance the effect with another go, yet avoid too many draws.

3) Eyeliner can turn up slightly when it closes the outer corner of eye

Discountinue use if there is a wound or eczema. Use eye makeup when cleansing. Avoid contact with eyes.
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