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Why is it called Black Friday anyway?

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Black Friday is the highly-anticipated sale from retailers,  but there’s a reason why this major event is called, yep, you guessed it, ‘Black Friday’.

The moniker originated from two Wall Street financiers Jay Gould and Jim Fisk in 1869. At that time, they bought a large amount of gold, hoping the price would surge in the gold market. Unfortunately, the market, unexpectedly, slumped dramatically, leaving these two Wall Street giants in a cesspool of bankruptcy.

This unfortunate event happened on September 24, 1869, a Friday, making this annual sale event a ‘Black Friday’.

The phrase became more popular in the 1950s when it’s re-emergence was tied to post-Thanksgiving shopping day. After Thanksgiving, shoppers and tourists in Philadelphia flocked into the city and riveted to the TV screen to watch the Army-Navy football game.

The gathering, however, attracted a mixture of violent crowds and shoplifters. There were even traffic jams, making the police department resign to the fact that it was, indeed, a ‘Black Friday’.

On a more positive note, Black Friday also refers to a company’s revenue once it moves out from red to black, the color of profit.

Fast forward to the present, Black Friday is now associated with big sales, incredible discounts and shopping.

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