We cried, laughed and celebrated with them. These timeless Disney classics have touched our hearts in more ways than one. To pay tribute to these well-loved characters, MINISO Australia, in collaboration with Disney, brings you the limited edition 2021 Disney Animals Collection. Meet Bambi, Dumbo, Marie and the 101 Dalmatians! No need to be nostalgic ’cause we’re bringing back these all-time favourite Disney characters. We know you miss them.

101 Dalmatians

Originally released in 1961, 101 Dalmatians became a timeless animated flick that captured the hearts of kids and adults alike. With its remake released in 1996 , a sequel in 2000 titled 102 Dalmatians, followed by the live-action reboot in 2021, 101 Dalmatians is an undeniably successful movie produced by Disney. Who could forget Pongo, the loving dad  and of course, Perdita, the nurturing mum?

MINISO Australia is giving you 101 reasons to love them more with our collection of items that are perfect for all ages. Be sure to check out these items: 

Disney Animals Collection Sleep Mask

Have a restful sleep with this cute sleep mask. It helps you to achieve an undisturbed sleep all through the night so you can wake up to a beautiful and stress-free morning. 

Disney Animals Collection Floor Mat

Make great memories, relive your childhood and spruce up your room. It’s never too late to unleash the kid in you. Fill your imagination with happy thoughts, this floor mat is a good place to start.

Disney Animals Collection Rotation Key Chain

Style up your bags and wallets with this rotation keychain available at MINISO Australia. It features a 101 Dalmatians design so you can carry your stuff around with a smile.

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This classic animated film made us cry buckets of tears. Released in 1942, Bambi is a heartwarming story of a fawn named Bambi and his endless adventures in the forest. Soon to be a Great Prince of the Forest, Bambi grew up to be inquisitive and curious of his surroundings. This white-tailed hero became heartbroken because of the death of his beloved mother. In the end, the good prevailed when Bambi was declared the Great Prince. Under his watchful eye, he successfully guarded the forest against intruders.

MINISO Australia misses Bambi deerly, so we’ve come up with our collections featuring Bambi. 

Disney Animals Collection Coin Purse

Got something in your pocket? Keep those coins in an adorable purse you can’t find anywhere else but here.  

Disney Animals Collection Mirror KeyChain

This mirror and keychain rolled into one is a must-have if you’re looking for fashion and functionality. Accessorize your backpacks by hanging this mirror keychain along with random knick knacks. 

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Dubbed one of the greatest animated films of all time, Dumbo is a story of a lovable flying elephant who used his ears as wings. With his friend Timothy, a mouse who stayed with Dumbo even through tough times, this baby elephant with oversized ears beat the odds to save his mother and to experience what it was like to live life to the fullest.

These Dumbo items at MINISO Australia will give you more reasons to be happy. 

Disney Animals Collection Square Hook

If you need something to hang your towel, clothes or kitchen items, this square hook is perfect for you. It’s blue, it’s fun, and definitely functional. 

Disney Animals Collection U-shaped Pillow

For moments where you need to take a nap when eyelids get really heavy, this U-Shaped pillow will be your sleep companion. It provides support for your neck so you can sleep comfortably. 

Disney Animals Collection Foldable Brush with Mirror

For a soft and shiny hair, get this foldable brush with mirror. You can slide it in your pocket and use it whenever, wherever.

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Marie is a major character of the 1970 animated musical comedy film, The Aristocats. White- furred and sassy, Marie is Duchess’ only female kitten. She’s known for her two pink ribbons on the tuft of her cute head and around her neck. She’s the epitome of elegance and class. Curious and a daydreamer, Marie is always in dreamy wonder, lost in her thoughts. 

Disney Animals Collection Marie Cosmetic Bag

This cosmetic bag can carry all your beauty must-haves. Take them anywhere to create a fashion statement that’s uniquely yours. 

Disney Animals Collection Car Hook

Keep your eyes on the road by clearing all the clutter in your car. This car hook will let you do just that. 

Disney Animals Collection Animal-Head-shaped Luggage Tag

Traveling should be free from stress. Get this brightly colored luggage tag and buckle it around your luggage handle so you can easily spot your bag. 

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