Heya, MINISO fans all over the world! I know you’re all excited as the Christmas season approaches and I thank you for making me your most-loved plush toy. Me and my colony just can’t wait to meet you all. I like krill and small fish, and oh, avocados too! I’d be delighted to share a hearty meal with you. 

There’s one thing I’d like to share though that has been threatening our species. While we are a vital part of the Antarctic food chain, our species, Adelie penguins, are on the brink of extinction. We love sea ice, it gives us pure bliss, but the continuous and rapid decline of Antarctica due to climate change has reduced our population by 65% in the past 25 years. Yikes!

If this problem isn’t addressed, you’ll be seeing less of Adelie penguins’ cute waddles, black flippers and silky white bellies. Me and my friends need your brave heart to help fight climate change. Slow down climate change, save Antartica, plant trees. 

Carbon Neutrality is key!

Everyone likes the idea of planting trees to save the planet. Environmentalists, corporations and politicians are supporting this initiative because growing trees can capture and store carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon footprint. Every effort counts because we need mass propagation of trees for carbon neutrality to be achieved. 

A mature tree is capable of consuming 22lbs of carbon dioxide per year and it can produce oxygen enough for humans to breathe for 2 years.  Imagine if we have billions of trees. We are saving the whole planet! More trees mean cleaner air. Like humans, we and all living organisms want to enjoy clean, fresh air too! 

Here’s how you can take part in this global movement!

Your purchase can go a long way. Yes, you heard it right. You can save us from extinction when you purchase an environmental friendly PENPEN (that’s me!) plush toy. A single purchase of a PENPEN plush toy during the campaign makes you an instant donor. For each sale, $1.17 will be donated for tree planting. Buy more for a chance to get a limited printed donation certification.

We appreciate all your help to save us! Please take us home, #TakePenPenHome