MINISO is bringing you more reasons to be happy this Christmas. We’ve got the cutest and most adorable Mini Family lined up for you to bring joy to the holiday season. So get those pen and paper ready because we’re introducing you to the cuddliest members of the Mini Family. Be sure to include them in your Christmas list. 

1. Penguin

Those signature waddles, short but extra cute flippers and white bellies you just want to rub; penguins are so fun to watch. Featured in movies, TV series and the like, penguins will now keep you company wherever you go. A plush toy, a bag, an accessory, a sticky note; penguins are everywhere. 

2. Shiba


Shiba is everyone’s best friend and loyal companion. Soft, cuddly and huggable, you’ll always want to be near Shiba. If you’re a huge fan of Shiba, go grab his products at Miniso. He has so much love, hugs, and kisses to give to all dog lovers out there. 

3. Dinosaur

Who says dinosaurs no longer exist? They’re here to stay and we love everything about them. Their extra cuteness will make you want to squeeze them. Get them now at Miniso. Fill your cart with pendants, plush toys, paperclips and other cute dinosaur gift items.

4. Piglet

Piglet is another awesome character to add to your nice list this Christmas. She’s pink, she’s sweet, she’s playful, and an amusing gift for kids or even kids-at-heart. Make Piglet your sleeping partner. Buy piglet plush toys at Miniso.

5. Bear 

Have we ever told you that this amazing bear can put a smile on your face by simply snuggling it? No matter your age, Bear is willing to keep you company during winter. It’s what you need if you’re looking for lifetime hugs. 

6. Cat 

Cats might be known for being solitary, but not this cat from Miniso. He likes to play and will never get tired of entertaining you. If you want someone to brighten your day, make this cat your best friend for life. 

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7. Kitten

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Don’t you just love kittens? It’s one of our favorite pets because they have a way of making us laugh with their silly antics, especially when they’re chasing toys. Miniso’s kitten plush toy is great for both boys and girls of all ages. They’re your comfort pets, travel companion, and study buddies. 

8. Cow

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Create great memories with this funny member of the Mini Family-Cow. He’s going to be your partner so your kids will have the best bonding experience ever. Your kids won’t sleep without this cute cow to snuggle with.

9. Rabbit


Floppy, furry, and funny. This plush pal is entertaining to play with and your kids can carry along wherever they go. An important character on Easter, Christmas, birthdays and other festivities, Rabbit is your loyal companion for playtime or bedtime.

Which of these mini family series is your favorite? Tag us @minisoau with a cute selfie of your cuddly Miniso pal.