Today, MINISO Australia officially launched the Snoopy toy series, in honour of the famous comic strip Peanuts that made its debut 51 years ago, in October, 1950.

These new toy building blocks feature three scenarios: space exploration, street fair and jungle adventure. Each set has at least five components of exquisite design, vivid colours and premium quality.

Snoopy, this loyal, imaginative and kind dreamer, has influenced generations after generations in the past 50 years. His friend Charlie Brown, another popular character in the comic, represents the average person, like you and me, who always suffers but still tries hard to accomplish things and enjoy happy moments as much as he can.

Samson Su, Marketing Manager of MINISO Australia and New Zealand, said in the launch, “We are happy to introduce the Snoopy series to Australians this October, 51 years after the comic’s debut and the time when NSW and VIC reopen. The Peanuts characters convey the merit of never giving up. We hope this spirit can always inspire both adults and children while they are enjoying the fun of building these Snoopy block sets.”

The Snoopy toy series has already hit the shelves at physical stores and online. Let the happiness continue while playing with Snoopy this summer!

Love life, Love MINISO!