This year, MINISO has introduced a wide range of cosmetic instruments, including the sophisticated beauty gadgets.

Among them, the electric eye massagers are recommended as the must-haves for this winter. Compact, portable and rechargeable, the eye massagers feature two massage modes which are very efficient in reducing dark circles around the eyes and puffiness.

MINISO eye massagers can be used as a normal skincare routine with just few steps. Apply a small amount of eye cream around your eyes. Then start the massage by pressing Mode 1, which helps boost product absorption through high-frequency vibration. Press again for Mode 2, which contributes to relieving eye fatigue with 35-45°C heating massage. Last but not least, gently tap for better product absorption. Moreover, MINISO eye massagers are also easy to clean with soft cloth.

There is no doubt that eye care is of great significance nowadays as we spend so much time on digital equipment. Therefore, this latest MINISO eye massagers do good to maximise eye comfort and improve your appearance.

MINISO also provides a bunch of beauty gadgets ranging from facial sprayers, vibration massage brushes to abdominal massage rollers. “With the convenience of technology, consumers can now enjoy satisfying beauty care on their own everywhere. We hope our fans can shine every day with our beauty products!” said Samson Su, Marketing Manager of MINISO Australia and New Zealand.