From this week on, a new series of plush toys will arrive at all MINISO stores across Australia, turning MINISO into a plush toy wonderland.

Across the globe, MINISO has been well-known for its extremely soft and adorable plush toys, which its loyal customers are very familiar with. The We Bare Bears collection has been a part of the plush toys range for years and it has been a huge hit ever since its arrival in stores.

This year, MINISO will continue to inject more animals into the toys range. And part of the new plush toy range includes a new nap pillow featuring the iconic penguin. Warm and cozy, these latest plush toys are bound to delight our fans this winter.

For years, MINISO has collaborated with different animations and movie companies to bring out lines of plush toys, including Sesame Street, Marvel, We Bare Bears and Pink Panther. These plushies have gained a cult following, especially among the young, who are impressed by its high quality and charming appeal.

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