MINISO has just recently launched its “Fun Toys” collection for boys and girls of all ages. Diverse and educational, this collection is aimed at injecting fun and joy with the young and young at heart.

The variety of high-quality toys introduced range from toys that transform, educational blocks to electronic cars and cooking toys. These will easily ignite hours of fun, played individually or with friends. They will also inspire our young ones’ hearts and minds, and also hone their motor skills.

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“We hope our toys can entertain and educate children. We’ve brought in our toy series to also encourage children to think out of the box,” said Mr. Samson Su, Marketing Manager of MINISO Australia and New Zealand.

MINISO has always been dedicated to caring about kids and striving to help them in many ways. In the first quarter of this year, 2021, MINISO organised a “LOVE Donation” campaign for children suffering from sickness, poverty and disabilities across Australia. 10% of all Sesame Street product sales during this campaign would be donated to the Variety, a local charity for children.

Samson has further added, “MINISO Australia is all about spreading love and happiness to people and the community. Besides engaging in various activities in stores from time to time, we also plan to visit and interact with kids supported by the charity in the future, hoping to bring more fun to them.”

In the design and production stages of toys, MINISO has always adhered to its philosophy of nurturing children’s dreams with great quality. Throughout the rigorous production process, there is emphasis on excellent craftsmanship.