Last Saturday, 27 March, celebrated the 15th anniverary of the Earth Hour, which started off in Sydney in 2007. COVID-19 has made these two years challenging for everyone, but it also made us reflect on our relation with the nature.

This year, MINISO Australia actively participated in such global initiative by encouraging its staff to turn off their lights between 20:30 and 21:30. Moreover, we asked our employees to record how they spent this hour and made a special video ( to highlight our attitude towards saving the earth.

As a member of society, MINISO actively explores the relationship between the environment and human civilisation, and pays attention to the health problems in the community and the environment, to ensure products and materials are healthy and safe, without neglecting any impact on the environment and nature which may arise as a result of its operations.

Samson Su, Marketing Manager of MINISO Australia and New Zealand, said, “As we strive to provide high-quality products at afforadable prices for our consumers, we always stick to our environmental mission and take the initiative to protect the nature, because we’re in this together with everyone around the world and we should endeavour to make it more beautiful.”