As the COVID-19 has been a growing concern, hygiene supplies are in great demand. Under this challenging situation, it would be hard to estimate the distribution fares and delivery time. However, in order to replenish the supplies for our communities, Miniso Australia has decided to spend millions of dollars on distribution by air from China to Australia.

After the two-day ride, our hygiene products successfully arrived at our warehouse in Australia. All of our staff endeavored to deliver the products to each store in order to put them on shelves as soon as possible to ease people’s anxiety.

The media and the public may be curious about Miniso’s speedy response. It’s because we own the mature supply chains cooperating with over 1,000 manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

The good news is these hand sanitisers which come into two sizes are available at stores in Sydney and Melbourne now! Containing 75% alcohol content, this hand sanitiser is effective against killing 99.99% of germs.

Miniso masks which are included regulation by the TGA under the Act are also in stock now and more will arrive at the warehouse on 22 April to meet your needs. Order and pre-order are both welcome.

Please note that bulk order is also welcome now! If needed, please feel free to contact us!

We stick to play a role in our communities amid this unprecedented period. Mr. Richard Li, VP of Miniso Australia said, “We’re just doing the right thing.” We stand by our brand! Stay safe, stay healthy! More Miniso hygiene products will come to protect you!