Chinese-based retail franchise Miniso has launched a charity donation campaign that is set to put a smile on the faces of some of Australia’s most embattled residents.

In response to the nation’s ongoing bushfire crisis, Miniso has announced that Australian stores will donate five per cent of the sales generated from the brand’s Marvel products to the affected areas.

The Australian arm is also calling on franchisees and overseas Miniso operators to heed the call and join the five-month fund-raising campaign.

“Australian Miniso stores…are also asking stores in other overseas markets and shopping malls across Australia to join in the fund-raising activity to bring warmth and love to the fire victims,” the brand said in a statement.

Miniso ‘LOVE’

While the latest announcement is a massive boost for fire-affected regions of Australia, it isn’t the only community endeavour Miniso has launched in recent times.

Through its public welfare activities, Miniso has advocated and improved education standards in remote, mountainous areas of China, in addition to providing free medical treatment to poor families with the help of the China Women’s Development Foundation.

However, the retail franchise’s aggressive expansion has seen Miniso revamp its social enterprise, introducing Miniso ‘LOVE’, its first global community endeavour.

“Due to the large range of countries and regions involved in this ‘LOVE’ overseas public welfare activity, more targeted public welfare projects have been launched,” Miniso said.

More than 20 global markets will participate in the Miniso ‘LOVE’ public welfare program this year, including the US and Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt and the Middle East.

In the southern hemisphere, Australia will serve as the core market for the activity, with the brand hoping to see a positive change take shape.

“With the help of Miniso ‘LOVE’, the brand hopes to do something wonderful with fans and give back to the society,” Miniso said.

“In this activity, each market has great decision-making power in the selection of public welfare projects, which can be tailored to the situation of the regional market.”

The Miniso ‘LOVE’ project is the brand’s first global theme activity, with Miniso revealing it will be launched every year in the future.

Source: Inside Franchise Business By Nick Hall | 23 Jan 2020