As the new semester is around the corner, have you made a shopping list of your school necessities? MINISO is set to present the TOP 5 items essential for the back-to-school season in accordance with the need of different ages.


Back To School for Students at Secondary School or College

Top 1 Notebook

The notebook is one of the most crucial items at secondary school or college in that students take lots of notes at the class. MINISO notebook can get you organized and improve your efficiency which is also designed to be easily carried. With its various colors, MINISO notebook is your ideal alternative.

Top 2 Retractable Gel Pen

A retractable gel pen is also the top recommendation for the essential school item. MINISO retractable gel pen is not only beneficial to your good handwriting but also provide a variety of colors. It’s good value for money.

Top 3 Highlighter

If you cannot grasp the key point from your notes directly and quickly, you would be better off taking advantage of highlighters which do good to your review. MINISO highlighter offers different colors with which you can highlight your note according to your needs.

Top 4 Backpack

To some extent, a new backpack is a significant symbol of the new semester. MINISO backpack is made from durable material which is sturdy enough to last the entire school year. It’s so large that it can hold scores of books, which is suitable for students at secondary school or college.

Top 5 Pen Case

With MINISO pen case, you will no longer spend time finding your pens. On the contrary, it will turn your school backpack tidy and clean without pens scattering anywhere. MINISO pen case is favorable to fostering a good study habit.


Back To School for Students at Preschool or Primary School

Top 1 Coloring Book

MINISO coloring book will give a lot of inspiration to your kids which contributes to enhancing their imagination and their sense of art. MINISO attaches great importance to cultivating the ability of kids so MINISO coloring book is the perfect essential item for back-to-school season.

Top 2 Stickers

Stickers are the vital rewards for kids when they perform well which is regarded as one of the incentives. What’s more, stickers serve as kids’ entertainments which can also give impetus to their imagination. How can we refuse these lovely stickers?


We strongly recommend MINISO top 5 essential items for students at secondary school or college and top 2 for those at preschool or primary school. Shop now and make full preparation for your back-to-school season.