miniso au easter snack-01

$1 chocolate, $2 Easter themed “Mini Egg” and $3 most famous milk candy in Japan, these are just part of the special offerMINISO prepared for this Easter.


For celebrating this one of the most important dates of the year,MINISO provides the special offer for most of our Japanese snacks, all of them are at the lowest price in Australia, and the promotion will last till the end of May.


Don’t miss out! 

We have $1 special for Japanese drinks (Latte and Teas), $1 for Ghana Chocolate and HI Chew candy, and $3 Senyong Milk Candy. All of them, together with our Special Easter “Mini egg”, can be a perfect combo to sweeten your Easter Holiday this year!


Lowest Price, best Snacks and Happiest Easter Holiday are all atMINISO Australia.