miniso au fruit snack02

The Luxurious Gummy is highly prevalent in Japan. There are mainly four flavors which represent the most suitable and delicious fruits for Japan’s four season. In their culture, fruits can make them healthier in different seasons. And now, we make it easier; people can taste the pure Japanese flavor with just a bite.
miniso au fruit snack
The primary ingredient is the real juice of those in-season fruits, and all of our raw material is from the best producing area of them. For example, the grapefruit juice is from Kochi Prefecture. Also, those candies have two layers, so they do not only have more juice than before but also tastes better, which are suitable for people of all ages.
miniso au fruit snack01
The Key Features:
1. Japanese plant-extracted natural ingredients.
2. Substantial fruit content.
3. limited edition made from in-season fruits.
4. Fruitful taste for everyone.