This new notebook is jointly developed with Korean original brand “Lightree.” It’s more than a notebook. It is a haven when you feel tired. It has a cute name, called “Dreami.” And you can comfortably sleep on it during recess time or lunch break.

miniso sky pillow note book02
The cover or the pillow part is made by water and oil proof material – TPU, which is safer, healthier, more endurable and easier to clean. Even with a pillow in the front, the book can still be opened to 180 degrees without damaging the book and papers.

miniso sky pillow note book
Not only that, as a notebook with 92 sheets, it can meet all your needs for study and work, and the paper is colored in creamy white which can effectively relieve the eye fatigue after a long time studying or working.

miniso sky pillow note book01
Last but not least, this notebook can be used in multipurpose with its pillow, such as a wrist pad. It can be the most functional notebook you’ve ever seen!

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