We are very proud to announce that the MINISO Master Franchisee Pty Ltd has recently won the “Success Story Award 2018” presented by the Federation of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

MINISO Master Franchisee Pty Ltd. (“MINISO Australia”) was established in 2016, adopting a completely unique and innovative franchise business model. It has achieved rapid and unprecedented expansion of stores within Australia (fifteen stores in Sydney, twelve stores in Melbourne and two stores in Queensland) in the last two years.

The success of the company is inseparable from the hard work and effort of the directors including Derek, Ben, Niky, Leo, Raymond, Richard and Marc. They have been working together over the years, and all of them are dedicated professionals who had committed tremendous efforts in their career.
Our Company goal is to bring happiness and satisfaction to our Australian and New Zealand customers and have 100 stores opened by 2020 and aim to take MINISO businesses in Australia and New Zealand for listing and trading on Hong Kong IPO by 2020.

Once again, thank you all for believing and supporting us, we will continue to uphold our missions as a brand minder, may we all work together, nurture and support each other, continue to innovate and grow.