MINISO’s most celebrated and popular Korean facial cleaning product series experienced emergency replenishment right after they were launched in stores. This type of beauty products is loved among young people, not only because of its price people cannot refuse, but the incredible quality they have.

According to the latest released test report of Hongkong consumer council, MINISO’s flagship rice cleansing foam ranked 7th in all 60 tested products which are no lack of international brand products such as SK-II, L’OREAL PARIS, Watsons, Garnier, etc. The results showed that the cleansing foam does not contain the mixture content of MIT and CMIT, free formaldehyde content, salicylic acid content or isopropyl alcohol content. The score was 5 out of 5 for this aspect and 3.5 for the label, with an overall rating of 5 out of 5. This score was the same as that of a brand with the highest price (there is a 60-fold difference in prices.), which makes our rice cleansing foam the most cost-effective product on the list.

This series of products are manufactured in Korea, and customers can easily recognize them by the “Made in Korea” label on the packing. MINISO controls product quality through global sourcing and rigorous supplier selection and enables consumers to buy higher-quality products at lower prices through batch and outright purchase and gross margin control. So, please grab one of these before they are out of stock again!