MINISO, as a company which cherishes quality life, also desires to spread happiness to the world. We admire people with dreams and are willing to assist them to expand the influence of their arts. Now, we are currently working with Enjoy Su, an illustrator from Taiwan, to display and popularize her Wonderland series works. Enjoy Su is an aspiring artist with dreams, and she wants to inspire others to pursue their dreams, to enjoy every moment of their lives through her works. Her idea of sharing positive vibes and bring love and hope for the people around her is consistent with MINISO’s ideas.


The Wonderland is a fantasy world in her mind where there are many little cute animals and some quirky creatures that live here. Although they all have very different yet unique personalities, they all have one thing in common which is they are all positive and happy creatures spreading happiness throughout wonderland.


The serial products include theme postcard, bookmark, gift card, and so on. They all popular among young generations, not only because of it’s practicality, but also the spirits they contain. So, what are you waiting for, come and grab your favorite cards before someone else does it.