Dear all MINISO members, we would like to reiterate that our membership point system has been released, and you can start to accumulate your membership points for future benefits.

If you are not one of our members yet, no worries, you can join in by simply registering your email address and your mobile number with us. Since many people have already joined in the membership, now is the time for you to become our member and enjoy your benefits.

miniso membership-25-19-04

According to the activity rules, you can get membership points after you shopped at any MINISO store in Australia. The calculation is very simple, 1 dollar equal to 1 membership point, and these points can be accumulated indefinitely. For example, you spent 1.99 dollars the first time, and then you spent another 1.99 dollars, the membership point will be 3.98 points in total. These points can be used in our future promotion, which means you will get huge benefits by saving these points. You only need to give us your registered mobile number, and our staff will do the rest for you. So, every dollar you spent in MINISO store counts. Let’s build up your future and get the most out of your membership.

MINISO Membership points system is waiting for you to join