We get closer and closer to the Halloween,It’s annual “treat or trick” time again,Our MINISO fans, you all ready for that?miniso-au-halloween.jpg

Speaking of “treat or trick”,candies and themed products are definitely indispensable.

miniso-au-halloween 1.jpg

MINISO has prepared all the stuff that you need. Let’s take a look of them.

miniso-au-halloween 2.jpg

The most special product is the themed Japanese snack we designed for this year Halloween, including chocolate pie, “Toppo” pocky and Halloween Koala No March.

miniso-au-halloween 4.jpgminiso-au-halloween 3.jpg

Halloween edition Toppo and chocolate pies are only $4.39 each box and the Halloween Koala No March is even less than $3.

miniso-au-halloween 5.jpg

Welcome to our local store and start to prepare for your “treat or trick.”


There are many other themed products as well, but they all in limited supplies.

The fashionable eyewear

miniso-au-halloween 6.jpg

Ceramic mug

miniso-au-halloween 7.jpg

Although many of the Halloween products are in limited quantiles, we still keep our low-price promise.

All of them are at the lowest price, and you can bring any of them home in less than $8s.

miniso-au-halloween 8.jpg

miniso-au-halloween 9.jpg

Come to local MINISO stores and grab your favored Halloween gifts before they are sold out!

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween with MINISO~

(Promotion ends in Oct 31st, 2018)

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