Which stores have your favorite products? Check its inventory status by simple clicks!

1.Firstly, choose your favorite item on Miniso AU website. If you want to know the inventory status of the Polar Bear, you can  search it on the website.


2. Now you have found your item. Click the image to see the details of the item. You can see the button of “BUY IT IN LOCAL STORE”. This button can help you  to check which Miniso store have the Polar Bear in stock.


3. Register as a member  to continue the process


4. You can browse a store list and find the inventory status of the favorite product.


Choose a store shown ‘ In Stock’ to buy your products.

5. Look into the details of the store operating hours and address details. Go to buy it with hassle free.


6. Click the “Get Direction” on the map to start the google map navigation

We wish you have a good shopping experience in Miniso stores.