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Precision Clean Toothbrush

Precision Clean Toothbrush

1.After more than 600 times of mechanical tapered grinding , comprehensive oral care . 2,Round head design makes the brush easier moving in mouth and clean all areas. 3,Non-Slip handle,easy to grip.More flexible to operate.1,After more than 600 times
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Barcode 0200043191
Handle:PP+TPE Bristles:Double tapered filaments
Specification 18.65*1.54cm/12.5g

* Price does not apply to some stores

Put your brush into your mouth half covering gum and half covering teeth . Press gently along the direction of teeth . Brush downward for upper teeth and upward for lower teeth . All aspects of your teeth have to be brushed . The same area need to be repeatedly brushed .

1, Please do not brush toothbrush with acid bleach or detergent to prevent the bristles from shedding or deforming.
2, Rinse the brush throughly after each using and put it in a cool and dry place.
3, Toothbrush should be changed every one to three months . If the bristles get bent or tilted , please change it in time .
4, The temperature of the water shall not exceed 50℃ .
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