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We Bare Bears [Floor Mat] (Khaki)

We Bare Bears [Floor Mat] (Khaki)

1. This product uses worsted yarn as raw material. It has high density, feels comfortable, good elasticity, and will not easily deform. 2.The back has a layer of non-slip natural latex. It is non-toxic and can absorb water and dust.
SKU 54642
Item code 0300015261
Barcode 0300015261
100% Polyester
Specification 300g
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Can be placed outside the bathroom door, living room entrance, kitchen and other areas.

1. The product is not machine washable, hand wash only. Please use soft detergent to clean. 2. Please put in the shade to air dry. Do not put in dryer. Do not bleach. No prolonged sun exposure. Do not iron.
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