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Multi-purpose alcohol pad (100 Pcs)

Multi-purpose alcohol pad (100 Pcs)

· 100pcs 6*6cm alcohol wipes
· 75% alcohol can effectively clean anything
· For sterilizing daily items at any time
· Fine, soft and clean, multiple usages
· Individually wrapped and sealed
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QUALITY MATERIALS - Colorless, having no stimulation of the skin, the alcohol on it volatilizes quickly without residue. Air permeable and pliable non-woven fabric will not lint and has strong ductility.

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - To better preserve their pristine quality and sterilization on their way to you, the wipes are wrapped by aluminum foil to keep them wet for long and is convenient to be teared open. It is sanitary and convenient to use, reducing bacteria generation.

WIDELY USED - These alcohol pads are suitable for wiping tablet, mobile phone screens, glasses, office tools etc. Wipes can be used on many types of glasses and lenses. Home and travelling good choice.

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