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· Contains 75% ± 5% alcohol
· Kills 99.99% of germs instantly
· Quickly dry without any residue
· Gentle on sensitive skin
· 60ml (2.0 fl.oz.) for easy carrying
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CONTAINS 75% ALCOHOL - This hand sanitizer is 75% alcohol, making it highly effective as a defense against germs and contagions, to prevent the spread of infection between individuals, objects and surfaces.

NO-RESIDUE - With the no rinse hand sanitizer, you don't need to wash. You can use it in home, office, car, school or other places where you need to clean your hands quickly.

GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN - Plant derived cleaning power, non-irritating to skin.

PORTABLE DESIGN - Available in a 60ml tube, this sanitizer can be carried with you and used repeatedly throughout the day, for your protection and the protection of those around you.

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