8+ Minute X-20 Sanitising Spray 120ml

8+ Minute X-20 Sanitising Spray 120ml

· Contains 75% ± 5% Alcohol

· Effectively kills 99.9% of germs

· Fast-acting and Rinse-free formula

· Provides perfect protection anywhere and anytime

· Movable bottle cap helps refuel easily
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1. Jema Rose 8+ Minutes X-20 sanitizing spray contains 75% Alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs.

2. Provide perfect protection during the Covid-19 epidemic and suitable for protection in the flu season, medical settings, daily sterilization, and much more.

3.Fast-acting, spraying this product uniformly to your clothes, shoes or hands can help sterilize germs and viruses stayed on them.

4.Portable package help take it anywhere easily. Movable bottle cap let you refuel sanitizer anytime.

5.FRIENDLY REMINDER: Please keep this spray far away from flame when you use the product, so that avoid the danger on accidental injury from fire.

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