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Simple Cloth Hanger 10 Counts(Pink)

Simple Cloth Hanger 10 Counts(Pink)

· Heavy duty pink hangers for clothes
· Durable plastic, extra strong & durable
· Ideal for everyday standard use
· Compact design makes closet tidy
· Size: 39.5cm(L)*19cm(W)*0.4cm(H)
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KEEP YOUR CLOSET ORGANIZED - Whether your closet is big or small, our clothing hangers provide better organization for your room furniture. They make your closet tidier and act like space saving tools so you don't get a 'mess' in your space.

STURDY MATERIAL - Durable PP material safeguards it from breaking or cracking while in use. Its smooth finish allows for a comfortable grip for you and for your clothing too.

BUILT-IN SHOULDER GROOVES - Built-in shoulder grooves allow you to securely hold strappy garments with ease without making them fall off. Perfect for hanging your tank tops, dresses, spaghetti strap tops, bras, ties, belts, nightgowns, etc.

PERFECT DIMENSIONS - MINISO pink cloth hangers measure 15.6"x7.5"x0.2", which are excellent for adult size clothing.

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