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Swimming Goggles Kit for Children

Swimming Goggles Kit for Children

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Lens: PC goggles: Silicone Headband: Silicone nosepiece: TPU optical frame: PC head buckle: PC / PP swimming cap: 100% silicone

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1. The anti-fog surface is made of hydrophilic material; For better anti-fog effect, please wet the inner surface of the lenses with water before every wearing; Meanwhile,wet the edge of the goggles frame before use for better watertight seal. 2. When wearing, first place goggles around the eyes in a comfortable position, wrap the strap in the back of your head and adjust, get it fixed;strap should not be too tight or too loose. 3.Slightly press goggles frame to make better absorption around the eye. 4. When wearing for a long time, loose strap to avoid hypoxia and dry eyes. 5. After use, rinse them with water and leave them air dry, do not wipe the inner surface of the lenses directly in case of damaging the anti-fog layer; In order to maintain the durability of anti-fog, avoid the hard object scratching the outer surface of the lenses.

1. When wearing goggles,do not pull the goggles away from your face, avoid hurting your eyes when bouncing back. 2. Children should wear the goggles with the assistance of parents 3 If get allergic or dizziness, discomfort when wearing for a long time,stop using immediately.
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