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Simple Tri-fold UV Protection Umbrella

Simple Tri-fold UV Protection Umbrella

· 100% premium polyester fabric
· Effectively protect from UV light
· Lightweight, easy to carry
· Available in sunny and rainy days
· Size: 53cm*6k
SKU 133952
Item code 2006842810102
Barcode 2006842810102
This product comes in multiple colours. Colour will be picked randomly in your order.

100% POLYESTER FABRIC - The high quality umbrella surface can effectively prevent rain and sunlight at the same time. Keep you cool in the sun and safe in the rain.

STRONG & DURABLE - The triple-folding shaft and frame design makes the umbrella in good quality. Ergonomic grip handle offers a good experience.

COMPACT SIZE - The full-size umbrella offers ample coverage in the open position, but when closed, it folds into a conveniently compact size, easy to pack in your handbag, backpack, suitcase or briefcase.

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