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Touch Table Lamp- White

Touch Table Lamp- White

1. Quickly touch the interaction button with your fingers or plam, and choose 4 steps touching mode, cold light-- warm light --natural light-- off. 2.Freely adjustable two-color light, soft cold light ,adjustable warm light , bright natural light. 3. Adopts new optics eyes-protecting technology, provides soft light which is bright enough, better protect your eyes. 4. Curving and rotatable snake shape corrugated pipe, three-dimensional and omnibearing illumination can meet all your requires. 5. LED energy saving lamp, no stroboflash, no harm, maintenance-free , energy conservation, environmentally friendly and durable. 6. Equipped with 1200 mA rechargeable battery, safe, energy-saving, and convenient.( USB cable is used for charging ) 7. Charge it for 4 hours, and it can light for 2.5-4 hours. ( The time of sustainable lighting will be different due to the different light mode.
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Specification 11.6*8.1*41 CM/560g
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1. Touch switch: Gently touch the swith to turn on the light, choose the light mode you like. 2. The adjustment angle of the lamp cap: when adjusting the angle of the lamp cap, please press and hold the base , you can rotate the lamp cap 360 degrees freely . 3.Charging: use USB cable to charge the lamp when the light becomes dull.

1.Please do not use the product together with light controller and brightness adjustment switch, otherwise it could cause a fire. 2. Please do not use the product in a humid place like bathroom or outdoors. The product is not waterproof. Misuse can cause low insulation and electric shock. 3.Please keep it away from high temperature and flammable materials, in order to prevent the fire. 4. Please do not contact the light bulb after light on or light off within ten mimutes to avoid scald. 5. Please do not use it in the strong static or high-intensity magnetic field. 6. Please do not use or store in high temperature place.
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