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Block cream(Pink)

Block cream(Pink)

Plant essence is condensed in the fine cream, soft and comfortable.The product can serve as a makeup foundation and block and can beautify your skin at the same time. It can cover flaws on your face only with a thin layer, make your skin whiter, adjust your uneven skin, brighten your complexion, block pollutants from outside and modify your makeup in general.It is soft and longlasting, helps you get a perfect makeup.
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Water, glycerin, squalane, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide, five-ring polydimethylsiloxane,…
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Specification 3.6*2.4*15.8cm

* Price does not apply to some stores

Apply an appropriate amount of the product,then put on the forehead, nose, chin and two cheeks, and make them evenly on your whole face with your finger.

Please do not apply to injured skin.
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