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1000ml Food Container(Light Green)

1000ml Food Container(Light Green)

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Item code 0100026362
Barcode 0100026362
Lid: PP Seal ring: silicone Bowl: high borosilicate glass
Specification Size:20.5*11.5*6cm
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Directions: 1. Take out the lid before putting in microware oven. 2. Not available for roaster or heat with open frame directly. 4. Do not wipe the bowl with metal or nylon objects, it is better to use sponge gauze to clean the bowl.

Attention:1. The product is low borosilicate glass, the highest temperature resistance less than 300℃, a sharp temperature difference may lead to product damage, extremely cold temperature difference is less than 80℃, please pay attention to safety when using. 2. Fragile, check carefully glass with bruising or cracks or not before using. 3.Do not pour full of water or other liquid when put in the feezer. 4. It is better to use the kitchen gloves.
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