Bad News But Good News

Australia has suffered from a sluggish economy recently with numerous retail stores shut down, which is called “Retail Apocalypse”. The massive closedown, which can come down to many factors puts great pressure on unemployment in Australia.

Nevertheless, such turmoil can also give birth to new opportunities. MINISO serves as a solid example. In spite of the slowdown in Australia, MINISO sees an exponential growth as a retail giant. Generally speaking, it can attribute to three elements: high quality, affordable prices as well as innovation.


Regarded as the copycat in the first place, MINISO consistently attaches great importance to its customers by providing a wide range of products from makeups to electronic items. With the focus on the utility and the pursuit of minimalist, MINISO sources better materials globally for reliable, safe and high-quality products.

To meet the needs of most people, MINISO sets reasonable prices with a satisfying shopping environment, which gains increasing popularity among those from 18 to 35 years old.

MINISO is dedicated to innovation which injects new life into this brand. MINISO seeks partnership with different brands and finally has secured the cooperation with Marvel and We Bare bear. MINISO× Marvel theme store set up in Australia which has attracted a lot of customers. MINISO always puts a premium on innovation.

With the philosophy of advocating high-quality life, MINISO first set foot on Australia three years ago and now expands to 33 stores. MINISO is committed to innovation and high-quality products at reasonable prices. That’s why MINISO survives this crisis. MINISO will refine the retail industry and is favorable to the drop in unemployment. The massive closedown also stands for the new era of opportunity in which it is full of both good news and bad news.