We gain a very satisfying market echo form our first wave of member benefits activity. More and more customers have signed up for our membership and prepared to get more benefits from MINISO.


If you missed our first membership activity and you are not our one of members yet, don’t worry, we prepare another member event for our prospective members. From 26th November, any new members can get 4 FREE vouchers immediately, and these vouchers can be used to exchange our famous Japanese snacks.

membership snacks web banner-1200-540.jpg

These 4 vouchers consist of one $5 coupon which gives you right to get a pack of candy after you spent more than $5, and three $20 coupons which allows our new member to get free Match latte or candy after spending $20. Our old members are also eligible for this event.


Also we’re happy to offer all snacks lover a special offer – Buy 1 get 1 free for selected items!

minisoau-website-buy-one-get-one-web banner-1200-540.jpg

So, if you missed our first member events, then don’t miss this one. Let’s register our member and enjoy your benefits at MINISO right now.