We won the Business Excellence Award in HKABA NSW chapter in 2017 and this year 2018, we are one of the finalists in HKABA National.


After the winning of the NSW Business Excellence Award title in year 2017, it is our pleasure to announce that MINISO is listed as the finalist of the national business excellence award this year. The other finalists include University of Wollongong, Australia Post and Blackmores.miniso-Australia-finalist-in-HKABA-National-Business-Award-2018-1.jpgminiso-Australia-finalist-in-HKABA-National-Business-Award-2018-2.jpg


It is a great honor for us to progress and win such a fantastic title. It is not just an award; it is an affirmation of MINISO’s past effort of contributing to the business cooperation between Australia and Hong Kong.