We are so excited to introduce the new arrivals- the softest, cutest and cuddliest transformational plush toys- MINISO Zoo Family series has arrived in Australia!

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Not surprisingly, this cute series just like our other best selling plush collections, which once again wins our customers’ hearts! Made of premium fabric, the 100% polyester fibers ensure a safe, ultra smooth and soft texture. These snuggled animals are so perfect for a good night’s sleep!

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Each pair of these creative animal plush toys can be transformed into its opposite animal look. From grey elephant to naughty monkey; moo-moo cow to oink- oink pig; brown puppy to khaki puppy; lazy hippo to smarty husky, simply flip over the top layer, a complete different animal look instantly appears!

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The full collection is now available at our stores! Come check out the video for more details at

MINISO AU Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/minisoaustralia/videos/477405519420556/

MINISO AU Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTb7-nnJi3U 

Great price, great values and excellent quality! These 2 in 1 cute plushies are a must-have for this summer! Act fast! Come scoop it up before someone does!

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